Company Name : Beffect

Fitness Instructor

Job Description

Looking for a qualified and experienced fitness instructor, who can be a role model, passionate about health, wellness and exercise and have the ability to utilize her skills to help motivate and inspire female clients in reaching their fitness and weight goals.


A fitness instructor’s responsibility is to provide group classes and personal training to the clients, help motivate others in reaching their fitness and weight goals and inspire the clients with their expertise and passion. A fitness instructor is expected to deliver exceptional sessions, classes, and members’ experiences and be constructive by encouraging members to participate in all we offer regarding exercise and improve their fitness journey with us. 



  • A daily shift of 8 hours includes conducting a minimum of 4 hours of group classes for members. The remaining 4 hours shall be utilized for private training or general tips and advice for members.
  • Assessing a client’s personal needs, requirements, and current fitness levels
  • Develop personal workout plans
  • Create and teach structured training programs for new and existing clients that meet their specific goals.
  • Member follow-up (weekly & monthly).
  • Present a successful induction of new members to the gym.
  • Achieve weekly and monthly personal training session targets
  • Give clients information or resources about nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues.
  • To create an ambiance within the club that is positive and exciting for members, guests, and fellow employees.
  • Promote; support all club functions, managing events, and other departments to ensure the club excels in operating with a vibe.
  • Continually develop the Company’s vision and strategy to analyze the competitive landscape, client base, strategic positioning in the market, target segment, and pricing.

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