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Company Name : NOMAC

Fire Fighter, Shuaibah

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Job Description


  • Directly supervises the activities of a fire team or truck crew, under general direction of the Shift Commander. In charge of the First Response team, ensuring readiness to respond to all emergency calls, and to routine work and inspections. assigned to the ERT training and development program leader / coordinator as assigned by CERPM and to lead OJT as well as Trainee Fire Inspectors.


  1. Under the direct Supervision of CERPM, ensures that personnel and equipment are in a state of operational readiness at all times during the assigned tour of duty, and that tests, inspections and maintenance of equipment are performed as required by the schedules
  2. Acts as plant fire team and ERT Commander in the absence of the designated officer. This duty involves utilizing human resources to accomplish assignments in a safe and efficient manner and supervising personnel during emergency and non-emergency work periods, according to the job performance requirements.
  3. Conduct or take part in the training and drill program, developed by CHSE , direct ERT members during a training evolution, given a unit training evolution and training policies and procedures, so that the evolution is performed safely, efficiently, and as directed to maintain and improve the standards of efficiency in Group.
  4. Assists in establishing and maintaining the training and inspection schedules formulated by the CERPM and or 3rd party and approved by CHSSE-GM.
  5. Evaluate available information, given a fire incident, observations, and interviews of first‑arriving members and other individuals involved in the incident, so that a preliminary cause of the fire is determined, reports are completed, and, if required, the scene is secured and all pertinent information is turned over to an investigator
  6. Prioritize and plan for the completion of each assignment developed (Training, Drills ets..) and assign specific tasks and supervise teams during the completion of the assignments.
  7. Assign tasks or responsibilities to ERT members, given an assignment under non-emergency conditions at Plants or other work location, so that the instructions are complete, clear, and concise; safety considerations team level are addressed and implemented; and the desired outcomes are conveyed
  8. Recommend action for Problems related to ERT operation
  9. Can be assigned to the Fire Prevention Duties & as a Fire Inspectors to thoroughly learn all parts of this discipline.
  10. Initiate action to track the plants concern, so that the concern is answered or referred to the appropriate individual/section/ Dept. for action and all policies and procedures are complied with.
  11. Carries out other duties and assignments as required.
  12. Implement a new departmental policy at the unit level, given a new departmental policy, so that the policy is communicated to and understood by unit members
  13. Execute routine unit‑level administrative functions, given forms and record management systems, so that the reports and logs are complete and files are maintained in accordance with policies and procedures
  14. Subject to respond when recalled during off-working hours in accordance with Departmental Internal Policy and Procedure
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