Company Name : الوسام جروب

Export Officer

Job Description

Export Officer Duties :-

Full coordination with the marketing officer in the company and the formation of a couple between them to plan and develop business and submit periodic reports to the CEO

The ability to provide export opportunities for products and provide reports on customer requests outside Egypt

The ability to represent products in the company’s international exhibitions, which are held throughout the year in more than one country

The ability to market the company’s products through a network of business developers made up of Egyptians residing abroad

The ability to list the company’s products on the electronic export websites and platforms with the required pictures and specifications in preparation for their international marketing through international electronic marketing markets and platforms.

The ability to reach thousands of importers through modern e-marketing techniques, through search engines, social networking sites, commercial and industrial directories, e-mail campaigns, specialized forums, and international markets

The ability to overcome the problems associated with the export process such as: packaging, shipping, clearance, customs, certification, official papers, financing and pricing, and in the case of large orders, the export official can collect the order from more than one source from small exporters.

The export manager linked exporters and export service providers in a strong network of relationships with the aim of solving export problems, developing the product and giving it an added value to move from the stage of exporting the raw product to the stage of exporting high-quality, finished products in line with international standards

The ability to provide a database of export clients in countries with promising markets such as the markets of Africa, the countries of the Maghreb and countries with relative scarcity in some products, and trying to provide those products from their sources in order to achieve an addition to the company

The ability to study the requests submitted by dealers to export goods, verify that they meet the conditions and fees, and supervise the organization of their order statements and orders according to the priority of their request and volume, and coordinate with dealers and intermediary agencies from banks and transport companies to ensure that goods are secured to customers’ places.

The ability to ensure that goods are secured to customers’ premises & deliveries and pickups are set according to agreed dates

– Studying offers and prices for various types of commodities in the local and foreign market and submitting recommendations to the concerned authorities to export commodities according to the prices and volume of demand for them,

– Follow up on developments in the field of exporting goods, submit proposals to improve the level and quality of performance in the department, follow up procedures for examining exported goods to verify that they meet the prescribed conditions and specifications in line with official instructions and legislation in this regard, and negotiate deals authorized to sign them.

Ability to launch agencies in promising markets abroad.

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