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Exercise Coach

Customer Service/Support
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  • Bahrain

Our client is a modern health and wellness center that offers a variety of programs led by experts in training both the body and mind.
They are currently looking for an Exercise Coach to be based in Bahrain.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
• Assess client physiological load
• Write individual exercise programs to address low, moderate, or high overall load.
• Assess functional defects and imbalances in the body, looking especially at their spinal musculature.
• Design personalized exercise program that balance the atomic nervous system.
• Understand how optimizing posture not only improves function but also increase overall wellness.
• Implement plethora of exercises that enhance function.
• Maintain e?cient and a?ective company operations.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbally and written.
• Up to date IT or computer skills.
• Being punctual for duty (10mins before) and your training sessions.
• Must be ready and able to live the mission, vision, and values of HV.
• Educate clients and guests on the policies and procedures of HV.
• Provide resources and contact information for clients for future enquiries.
• Discuss health and ?tness goal settings.
• Keep detailed, accurate client records and maintain the client’s information as con?dential.
• Provide regular weekly appointments and follow up communication with clients.
• Attend all HV training sessions and meetings.
• Contribute to the Instagram designs, content and posting for the month. And be an enthusiastic participant involved in the stories and the photo shoots needed.
• Manage your monthly target numbers by being ?exible and accountable.
• Report to the head exercise coach with any issues, concerns or suggestions.
• Always promote HV in a positive manner.

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