Company Name : Sawaeed Employment Services

Executive Secretary

Job Description

Vacant position: Executive Secretary – UAE Nationality (Only)   

Company Profile:  

Sawaeed Employment is the brainchild of Sawaeed Holding. Founded in UAE-Abu Dhabi in 2006 by a group of 16 UAE Nationals to create resolution through employment and support services to fulfill some of the most significant challenges facing organizations across all industries in the region. To date, Sawaeed Employment has collaborated with over 450 companies with 120,000 White- and Blue-Collar personnel. We also strategically support venture and later stage businesses. We intend to partner with exceptional governments and large entities to champion their cause and turn their visions into reality. 

Position Summary: 

An executive secretary is responsible for organizing all activities of the CEO. you will be responsible for ensuring that the executive is able to make all meetings and events. Organizing necessary meetings, planning events, developing a long term schedule, and managing the executive’s phone calls. You have to regularly update certain reports for the executive. 

Responsibilities for Executive Secretary: 

  • Create a long-term schedule for the executive. 
  • Managing all important meetings and/or conferences as assigned. 
  • Answering and screening telephone calls, and responding to emails, messages, and other correspondence. 
  • Conduct any research the executive needs. 
  • Make travel arrangements on behalf of the executive. 
  • Solves problem any issues that the executive requests. 
  • Schedule for the executive 
  • Communicate between the executive and employees. 
  • Preparing reports, presentations, and correspondence accurately and swiftly. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or another equivalent. 


Minimum Two Years in same field or equivalent

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