Company Name : Commercial Projects Spectrum

Executive Pastry Chef

Job Description

The Pastry Chef’s primary responsibility is to directs and coordinate the whole kitchen operation including bakery, pastry, specialty kitchen outlets, banquet and catering, in accordance to the rules and regulations defined by the Management.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Menu planning which includes portion control and costing, training and implementations.

• Approve assigned schedules and staffing guide.

• Ensures that all standard recipes and presentations are being followed.

• Maintain daily supervision item labelling stock as name, expiry date, and monitor expired items such as raw and finished products.

• Perform on the job, “shoulder to shoulder” training with staff.

• Directly responsible for the product quality and standardization.

• Coordinates portion control, cost, and preparation of special events.

• Develop training program during low seasons and introduce new methods in culinary art to maintain interest of the staff and improve the knowledge and productivity.

• Maintain a healthy communication with staff and develop a motivated environment to increase staff morale and productivity.

• Evaluates and performs appraisal management to his subordinates.

• Responsible in supervising operations in kitchen to maximize sales for every use of raw materials and ingredients on a daily basis.

• Conduct daily inspections on sanitation in all kitchen outlets and implement ISO 22000:2005 method in food preparation.

• Attend all required meetings as requested by management and coordinate the concerns to corresponding department.

• Confer with subordinates and project manager for possible repair or replacement of equipment and fixtures.

• Conduct daily or weekly meeting with immediate subordinates for activities or opportunities including trainings.

• Approve daily market list for specifying and ordering food supply and materials.

• Change and review menus as required by Management, in coordination with operations manager.

• Participate in the selection of kitchen staff upon hiring.

• Perform other related duties as may be assigned by respective superior.

• Coordinate all related culinary activities.

• Estimate food consumption, waste, damage and requisition or purchasing.

• Standardize production recipes to ensure consistency in terms of quality.

• Monitor or handle special catering events and possibly offer culinary instructions and demonstrate culinary techniques.

• Daily verification of all finished products/items to ensure compliance to recipe standards.

• Create new menu items as per requested from the top management.

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