Company Name : Confidential Company Mecca

Elevator Technician (for a 5* hotel in Makkah)

Job Description

  • Carry out daily routine maintenance checks of elevator and escalator equipment’s and report for any abnormality / defects
  • Carry out cleaning of elevator equipment’s in machine room, shaft and in pit, on monthly basis.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance of elevator and escalator equipment’s on schedule dates.
  • Co-ordinate and supervise maintenance works carried out by Specialist Contractor maintenance team.
  • Carry out operational check of all safety equipment’s / switches like door locks, final limit, safety gear, governor, brake system.
  • Ensure proper cleanliness and cooling of control panel and check for any visible damage to any electronic boards or VVVF units
  • Ensure all electrical cables and connections in hoist way, pit and in machine room are not loose and are without any physical damage.
  • Ensure car top is clean and free from any oil spills
  • Ensure guide rails are lubricated as per procedures
  • Ensure proper functioning of cabin top rollers
  • Ensure proper functioning of hall buttons, indicators, COP buttons and intercom system
  • Ensure proper functioning of pit equipment and safety switches
  • Ensure proper gear oil in machine and check for any abnormal sound or heat from the machine
  • In case of any call back/ breakdown, register the call at Specialist Contractor call centre and follow up till its rectification
  • Ensure proper functioning of MELYE and Automatic rescue devise
  • Ensure effective traffic management during Ramadan and Hajj
  • Sound knowledge of PTW (Permit to Work)

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