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Company Name : MILAHA

Electrical Superintendent

Job Description


• Work closely with Technical Managers and other members of the ship management, highlight areas of improvement;

• Monitor Shipnet application and do necessary changes in maintenance schedule in consultation with the Managers. Technical inputs to Shipnet IT team for PMS change requests and other modifications as required;

• Training of ship ETO to improve the performance. Collect operational / technical data from vessels for input;

• Discuss maintenance schedules and spares / store requirements from Technical superintendents and reduce costs by assisting in bulk purchases;

• Technical evaluation of contracted bulk spares and stores by the procurement department.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

• Key person in improving the efficiency of vessels by providing assistance with regards to electrical support and improving performance by collating and analysing vessel reports;

• Inspect vessels regularly, prepare inspection reports & submit these reports to the technical team with recommended corrective actions, implement approved corrective actions and close out deficiencies;

• Provide technical support to ship staff to tackle the emergency situations;

• Conduct interview for electrical officers and provide feedback to the technical team;

• Analyse the performance of ETOs and provide necessary training;

• Drive innovations and initiate projects within organization towards improving KPI targets. This includes economising spares and stores consumption by analysing consumption trends / inventory data, and collating data on common machineries and spare parts / stores to reduce inventory and operating cost;

• Ship net application to be monitored for compliance by the ship and office staff – Including PMS, spare parts inventory, defect reporting and various other modules;

• Coordinate with technical superintendents for technical & operational matters;

• Modify and correct the PMS of all existing vessels and add missing jobs, create PMS for new vessels joining the fleet;

• Provide training to all joining electrical officers to ensure PMS compliance;

• Identify common spare parts / stores across the fleet and economise operations by bringing down the procurement and inventory cost, liaise with procurement department by giving technical inputs for bulk purchases.

• Assist in the selection, familiarization and briefing of shore-based personnel and ETOs;

• Develop and maintain a good working relationship with counter parts in the other departments & subsidiaries within MILAHA and provide assistance when required. Also, establish & maintain good working relations with clients/suppliers & sub-contractors

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