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Company Name : NOMAC

"Electrical Engineer-Egypt"

Job Description

Job Purpose:

To conduct design review of power plants (majority renewable technologies, dominantly PV and

CSP) and manage the communication with stake holders, including development of necessary

strategies for preventive maintenance, special tools for new build plants in accordance to Owner

Technical specifications, prudent international utility standards, quality standards to ensure plant

availability, maintainability, and equipment reliability as per associated contracts. Main deliverable

to this role will be to enable by design building a high reliable, available, and maintainable utility


Design Engineering Management:

▪ Ensures proposed plant design meets OTS, O&M contract obligations, and PPA (off taker)

specification adhering to applicable international technical regulations and standards. And

provides required design modifications to meet standards and specifications.

▪ Ensure that the proposed design and specification of the equipment in design are capable to

meet the desired life of the project, in case of any concerns new solutions for life enhance or

necessary mitigations are to be proposed.

▪ Review and assess the proposed design in compliance to applicable international standards.

▪ Review HAZOP & HAZID analysis from EPC contractor and perform the same if necessary.

▪ Ensure that all plant documentation for design and as built information / drawings are

managed through a proper document management system tool.

▪ 100% Compliance to agreed steps of design review process in document management


Grid Compliance codes

▪ Ability to understand and interpret the off-taker grid compliance codes.

▪ Ensure that the proposed design of plant complies to the off-taker grid code in terms of power

quality and grid stability requirements.

▪ Ability to validate the off-taker facility technical design for power evacuation from facility and

identify the shortfalls if any for corrective actions.

Reliability Assurance

▪ Ensure that reliability of supply (ROS ACWA power framework) which is developed in

collaboration with EPRI is followed according to the framework check list with 100 %


▪ Proposed design is a reliable and meet the PPA availability requirements contractually.

▪ Collaborate and review the RAM study developed by the EPC contractor.

▪ Propose, manage, and review management of change in design by EPC . Feasibility studies

for new installations, as necessary.

▪ Gain industry knowledge and NOMAC fleet knowledge from EPRI portal, COE/ operational

history teams and propose validate the corrective actions if the similar

technology/equipment’s are considered.

Asset Management

▪ Develop master equipment list from the submitted OEM / design documents

▪ Apply NOMAC’s approved criticality analysis procedure to identify critical equipment’s

▪ Develop Functional locations, Isolation lists, PM plans as per OEM manuals for upload in SAP


Health, Safety, Security & Environment

▪ Ensure strict adherence to all relevant HSSE standards, all Electrical Safety NFPA 70 E norms in

design so that the safety of employees and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.

▪ Ability to envisage the maintenance requirement and electrical safety requirements in design

review and propose necessary changes in design as applicable.

▪ Ability to review the Arc flash analysis and incident energy levels for all electrical switch gear in

the design stage and minimise or eliminate the arc flash hazards above acceptable limits by

engineering methods of protection setting coordination etc.

Spares Strategy & Assessment

▪ Responsible to evaluate the proposed plant design and envisage the critical spares

requirement. Compare the initial spares supplied by EPC team against the critical spare’s

requirement identified in design.

▪ Review the proposed plant design in a maintainabi lity aspect and propose the critical and

strategic spares for the single point failures in the design.


▪ Communicates recommendations and solutions across direct organization and with cross –

functional partner organizations. Involved in complex decision making sometimes with external


▪ Liaise with EPC / OEM contractors for clarification, analysis and technical guidance in order to

ensure clarity of communications/accurate fulfilment of operational requirements.

SAP Administration

▪ Ability to develop the master data and implement the SAP in new build utilities from the EPC

design information Supervise the effective administration of SAP processes within the Electrical

maintenance section and adhere to SAP guidelines in all related aspects of annual and

monthly planning, scheduling, data management such as breakdowns review, corrective

maintenance notification, creating maintenance work orders and planning in order to ensure

data/system integrity in line with NOMAC’s defined standards.

Policies, Processes, Systems & Procedures

▪ Adhere to all relevant organisational and departmental policies, processes, standard

operating procedures, and instructions so that work is carried out to the required standard and

in a consistent manner.

Related Assignments

▪ Perform any other duties which the line manager may require to be carried out.

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Free public records and people finder tool
Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
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