Company Name : Black & Grey HR

E-Commerce Specialist

Job Description

Black & Grey HR is recruiting an E-commerce Specialist for our retail client to manage online merchandise presentation on the website and organize, develop, and execute website marketing plans. As an e-Commerce Specialist, you will work closely with different teams (product management, graphics, sales) to provide updated content that will be shared across e-Commerce platforms.
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<br />- Monitoring the sales operations for promoting products and accountable for achieving business goals and increasing the sales growth.
<br />- Analysing and reporting online performance and results related to promotions and campaigns.
<br />- Executing Online Exclusive Campaigns.
<br />- Manage online merchandise presentation on the Website and execute effective position of products-based Season, on sale, inventory, newness, and trends
<br />- Monitor to improve customer delivery performance and enhance customer satisfaction
<br />- Keeping all operations smooth with close coordination with WebOps teams.
<br />- Ensure service levels are set, achieved, and maintained by working closely with customer service, fulfilment, and platform providers.
<br />- Analysing the fast-moving, slow-moving and dead stock in the stores and taking required actions to increase profitability.
<br />- Keeping track of new promotional and advertising campaigns by competitors to gauge demand.
<br />- Lead eCommerce projects and execute marketing plans to drive cost-effective qualified shopper traffic to websites.
<br />- Enrichment of the website through new features to improve customer experience
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<br />Requirements- Minimum of 3+ years experience in a fast-paced, e-Commerce business.
<br />- Hands-on experience in managing and maintaining e-Commerce websites/portals.
<br />- Sound knowledge of prevailing procedures and techniques in e-commerce.
<br />- Knowledge of various platforms and online sales strategies and can be used to conduct digital sales or website conversions.
<br />- Familiarity with web design and a keen eye to detail.
<br />- Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
<br />- Analytical and multitasking skills.
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<br />Benefits- Attractive Salary + Benefits
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