Document Control Specialist

  • Administration
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Ensure that all documents follow the format compatible with the organization’s bylaws and regulations.Create templates for documents for future use and manage the flow of documents within the organizationMaintain confidentiality about sensitive information and the organization’s terms of the agreement.Supervising the easy retrieval of files according to the needs of employees and customers.Review and update various documents and documents such as workflow files.Follow-up of copying and storage of documents and documents.Establishment of a management assistance system for paper documents.Preparing customized reports on projects according to business needs.Reviewing and maintaining the archive in paper and electronic form.Preparing and managing the files and documents of the institution.Follow up and submit reports on the progress of documents.Check the accuracy of editing various files.

Job Requirements :

Ability to comply with regulations and regulationsGood knowledge of labor law and corporate laws.Fluent in writing and editing documents.Proficiency in auditing and organizing procedures.Proficient with Microsoft Office programs, especially (Excel, Word)Have a bachelor’s degree in management, commerce or a fieldObtaining specialized courses in the field of archivesPrevious experience as an observer or document editorGood knowledge of project management.Serious handling of various files with accuracy and attention to detail.

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