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Displacement Assessment Officer / Research REACH Yemen

Job Description

REACH supprt to Yemen Humanitarian response

 After more than eight years of conflict, millions of people in Yemen are experiencing the compounded effects of armed violence, ongoing economic crisis and disrupted public services. In 2023, an estimated 21.6 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection services. The direct effects of the conflict – from airstrikes, to sieges of population centers and blockages – continue to have severe effects on the population. Other aspects, such as deterioration of basic service infrastructure and a fuel crisis also have enormous impact on Yemenis. Food insecurity is a the main driver behind the number of people in need with approximately 17.3 million people in need of food and agriculture assistance. In addition, natural hazards, such as heavy rains and flooding cause deaths and injuries, destroy infrastructure and livelihoods, and increase the spread of diseases. The loss of livelihoods, when combined with the depreciation and general volatility of the Yemeni currency, has made the purchase of basic everyday necessities difficult for most Yemenis. Overall, 1.6 out of 4.5 million (36%) Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) live in more than 2,400 substandard IDP Hosting Sites with inadequate or without access to predictable assistance and services. Many IDPs have been displaced multiple times over the past years due to shifting conflict lines, threat of eviction or natural hazards.

REACH has supported the humanitarian response to the Yemen crisis since late 2016, working extensively with the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster, the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster, the Cash and Markets Working Group (CMWG) and the Shelter Cluster. The REACH team, based remotely in Amman, provides systemic assessment and IM support to the response through indicator review, tool design, coordination of data collection exercises, data analysis, output production, and IM platform design. Given the challenging context in Yemen, REACH is constantly working to find new and innovative ways to effectively inform the humanitarian response.



In their work for REACH Yemen, the AO will be hosted by ACTED Jordan and will fall under the direct responsibility and management of ACTED’s Country Director and his/her delegates for all Administrative, Security, and relevant Logistics and Finance issues. They will therefore fully abide to ACTED’s Security, Administration, and relevant HR, Logistics and Finance rules and regulations.


REACH was born in 2010 as a joint initiative of two International NGOs (IMPACT Initiatives and ACTED) and the United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT). REACH’s purpose is to promote and facilitate the development of information products that enhance the humanitarian community’s decision making and planning capacity for emergency, reconstruction and development contexts. REACH facilitates information management for aid actors through three complementary services: (a) need and situation assessments facilitated by REACH teams; (b) situation analysis using satellite imagery; (c) provision of related database and (web)-mapping facilities and expertise.


IMPACT Initiatives is a humanitarian NGO, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation manages several initiatives, including the REACH Initiative. The IMPACT team comprises specialists in data collection, management and analysis and GIS. IMPACT was launched at the initiative of ACTED, an international NGO whose headquarter is based in Paris and is present in thirty countries. The two organizations have a strong complementarity formalized in a global partnership, enabling IMPACT to benefit from ACTED’s operational support on its fields of intervention. POSITION PROFILE

REACH Yemen is seeking a Assessment Officer (AO) to support our work focused on displacement in Yemen. Under the supervision of the Displacement Team Leader, the AO will support all research cycles related to displacement, including the research design, preparation, data collection, analysis, output drafting, dissemination, and evaluation stages. This support will be provided for several assessments and monitoring exercises, as determined through close collaboration with the CCCM Cluster and other relevant displacement actors.

In addition, the AO will support representing REACH Yemen with relevant external stakeholders, including the CCCM Cluster, participating in methodological and programmatic discussions, and collaborating with relevant partners in data collection.


Research Planning

The AO will contribute to Research Planning by developing comprehensive research designs, including the design of research approaches and methodologies, ToRs and tools according to IMPACT’s requirements and principles as well as partners’ information needs. In addition, the AO will

  • Ensure that all research cycles are planned in line with the country strategy, relevant research and project objectives and with IMPACT’s research cycle and other relevant guidelines
  • Compose and construct, in close coordination with GIS and data teams, qualitative and quantitative data collection tools and analysis.
  • Ensure relevant stakeholders and partners are engaged in research design and planning

Research Implementation

The AO will be responsible for supporting the implementation of all operational stages of relevant data collection exercise(s), including tool and methodology design, coordination of data collection, data cleaning, and data analysis.

  • In close liaison with partner, identifying assessment areas, train enumerators, monitor assessments and data collection, manage assessment logistics, facilitate design workshops and joint analysis workshops.
  • In close liaison with partners, ensure that data is revised, cleaned, analyzed and stored according to IMPACT’s Data Management Guidelines.
  • Generate and document robust lessons learned and ensure knowledge and learning processes are shared with other REACH and IMPACT teams as well as external partners

Drafting of Research Products

The AO will be responsible for producing and/or overseeing the production of all relevant outputs related to the Displacement portfolio.

  • Ensure the drafting of timely, accurate and impactful outputs that consolidate the analyses from each research cycle into relevant products such as factsheets, reports, briefs, presentations, and online dashboards which comply with IMPACT’s guidelines and quality standards.
  • Liaise with relevant GIS colleagues to ensure effective spatial representation of research findings in maps or interactive web-portals, as relevant.

External engagement

The AO will support communication and coordination with external partners throughout all stages of the Research Cycle.

  • Ensure that relevant partners are consulted and involved at all stages of research cycle.
  • Represent REACH in relevant meetings/working groups and present research findings to relevant third parties in order to enhance their use and impact.
  • Promote an active use of datasets and research findings by partners and the broader humanitarian community for their decision making.
  • More generally, contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of IMPACT’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.

Team Management & Capacity Building

The AO will be responsible to line manage one national Project Officer (PO) being part of the Displacement team as well as ensure that all GIS and data teams are briefed about the assessment.

  • Ensure that project staff are given required induction and training and resources to achieve their tasks in line with IMPACT and project requirements.
  • For all activities, ensure that all GIS and data teams are comprehensively briefed on objectives, expected outputs and that the overall implementation strategy is clearly understood.
  • In close consultation with line manager, conduct of appraisals, provision of regular feedback, and participation in career management of PO.
  • Be available to provide regular support and technical backstopping; regularly debrief team members to receive feedback on the progress of an activity
  • Internal Coordination
  • The AO will be responsible to enable effective internal coordination within the REACH Yemen team, including:
  • Actively participate in regular team meetings
  • Ensure regular coordination and exchange with relevant colleagues
  • Engage in the development and implementation of IMPACT’s strategy in (country)
  • Provide inputs to proposal development and reporting where relevant
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