Company Name : ابراهيم القرشي

Digital Marketing Supervisor

Job Description

Job Summary:

  • Marketing Managers use various channels to reach customers, build their brands awareness and promote products. They wear many hats, making them creative strategists with deep knowledge of digital media planning strategies.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

•             Create digital marketing campaigns.

•             Optimize the business website to increase online traffic.

•             Track marketing metrics and analyze digital data to measure marketing success.

•             Research advertising trends

•             Research competitors’ pricing and products

•             Decide on appropriate placement of ads

•             Determine what content will reach customers

•             Develop projects to create content

•             Publish digital marketing content online

•             Implement email marketing campaigns

•             Measure digital traffic

•             Monitor social media and Google Analytics

•             Optimize paid advertising campaigns using SEO and other tools

•             Report on the growth and analytics of campaigns to stakeholders

•             Scale campaigns to maximize ROI

•             Monitor project status and budget

•             Conduct market research to inform campaigns

•             Brainstorm and implement experiments and conversion tests

•             Conduct regular audits for social media and website marketing performance.

•             Maintain and monitor online listings across various e-commerce platforms.

•             Launch promotional offers and events to attract new customers.

•             Follow best practices for social media marketing on different platforms.

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