Company Name : Taiba Hospital

Database Administrator

Job Description

Job purpose

DBA will be responsible for installing and maintaining the database software, creating storage structures, setting up user accounts, debugging malfunctioning
programs, creating backups, and regularly maintain the database security. This role will be involved in creating, managing tables, indexes, DB links & privileges
to enhance & maintain the health information system using specialized knowledge and expertise to implement, maintain, monitor, and ensure database’s performance.

Key Accountabilities


  • Systems and Processes: Follow all relevant policies, processes and procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner;
    contribute in cost-efficient usage of resources to reduce wastage and unnecessary expense.
  •  HSE and Risk Management: Adhere to all relevant HSE and Risk management procedures, instructions, and controls.


Database Administration: DB Admin activities like configuration, troubleshooting, performance Tuning, schema management, storage data, logs, files management, etc.
Responsible for Database Refresh, Database Cloning, Configuring, and managing high availability, RAC & standalone Administration.
Responsible for Database upgrade, Database Backup Restore 5 Oracle19x, 16x, OEM configuration.
Create technical procedure for reporting metrics, tablespace, user, table, Index, roles, privileges, profiles, DB Links, materialized views, partitioning,
synonyms, sequences, views and indexes and other database objects etc.
Create physical/logical standby database and performing switch-over and fail-over
Drive performance tuning, monitoring the performance using tools

Job success factors

  • Provide in-depth analysis of applications and systems, and recommend solutions within day-to-day operations
  •  Clear working progress during each phase of a project.
  •  Task deliveries based on defined criteria and agreed schedule


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