Data and Information Specialist

  • Administration
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Develop and manage UCCD Internet presence. Act as liaison with university computer support staff.Market and promote the office’s recruitment and career programs and events among various constituents using various tools (print, social media, etc.)Maintain and update UCCD’s websiteDiagnose hardware and software problems; install new and/or upgrade equipment; schedule regular and special systems/software maintenance.Provide user support and training to UCCD staff on how to use educational and administrative information systems.Assist staff in design and maintenance of data base management systems.Establish priorities, policies and procedures for data collection and management.Develop mechanisms for tracking and reporting data/statistics.Provide submissions for office career publications and electronic communications.Monitor and evaluate operations and corresponding policies related to student access to services, internal and external communications, staffing, and workflow.Coordinate annual follow-up survey of graduates including survey development and design, collection of survey information, supervision of data entry, and generation of statistics/results.Edit and produce annual survey report.

Job Requirements :

EducationBachelor’s degree is required; preferably in IT or computer scienceExperienceMinimum 3 years prior professional experience in IT, online systems management and website developmentPrior experience in youths skills training or coaching preferredPrevious community service experience is an assetGeneralAge should not exceed 35 years in 1/1/2023Proficiency in spoken and written English and ArabicGenuine interest in helping othersWillingness to learnSelf-motivated and ability to take initiative and work in teamsGood listening and communications skillsAssessment Method:Short listed candidates will be invited for interview and exams.Disclaimer:Misrepresentation or omitting any facts relevant to the hiring process in your application and CV or during the interview may result in terminating the hiring process or the contract in addition to any subsequent actions. AIU hiring policy does not permit to hire relatives of the non-academic staff up to the third degree.You are expected to provide reference and employment letters.Deadline for Application:19/01 /2023

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