Company Name : Confidential Company Eastern Province

Credit Officer

Job Description

  • Monitors the status of aging reports and dues invoices and customers’ accounts.
  • Maintains log of payment promises and pertinent account details, schedules follow-up
  • communication with account holder.
  • Initiates collection actions by notifying account holders and /or cosigners
  • Follows established guidelines to review and update account status.
  • Locates and contacts account holders by appropriate means, which may include mail, phone, or personal visits, to notify those customers of delinquent account status and to solicit payment.
  • Records payments made to the customer’s account.
  • Delivers letters, notices, and other communications regarding delinquent accounts.
  • Investigates disputed balances; where appropriate, corrects errors such as misapplied payments, reversed late charges, direct deposit errors, or overpayments from insurance.
  • Identifies accounts requiring additional, personal contact for referral to a third-party collector.
  • Ensures the security of customers’ files and aging and delinquent account reports at all times.
  • Monitors accounts receivable and cash receipt reports.
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