Company Name : IKK Group of Companies

Cost Estimator

Job Description

Job Summary:

Collect and analyze data, information and important metrics to estimate costs associated with project

execution. Work proactively towards cost target objectives. Provide knowledge of cost and benefits that

support profitable business decisions according to the set policies and procedures.

Job Duties:

  • Perform the assigned duties as per the set policies and procedures in order to achieve the department goals.
  • Coordinate with other departments during the pre-bid evaluation phase to determine the prices of materials, service, and equipment based on the market.
  • Utilize lesson-learned database, related to projects’ cost and expenses, recommendations and best utilization of recourses.
  • Conduct studies to estimate the overall project cost (i.e. material, labors, administrative expenses) from the revised bill of quantities to determine if a project is profitable and if company should bid for this project.
  • Prepare proposals after determining the estimated project cost.
  • Calculate and assist in the calculation of other costs (engineering, supervision, management, transportation, insurances, license, labor costs, materials, production times … etc.).
  • Review and approve the quantities of materials to ensure that the quantities needed are correct and sufficient for the completion of the project.
  • Ensure obtaining updated information on the cost of materials and services to develop a precise cost estimate for the projects work.
  • Assist in reviewing the project budget after incorporating the project profit margin with the project cost.
  • Assist in preparing project execution plan/method statements by providing draft proposal data to milestone and participate in milestone schedule preparation.
  • Undertake specific projects and prepare estimation reports.
  • Update tender Register which shall include tender internal ref, title, closing date, bond, submitted value ,validity, technical and commercial clarifications if any, etc.
  • Review tender documents on receipt to ensure its completeness.
  • Co-ordinate & follow-up to ensure post bid clarifications are addressed.
  • Analyze supplier quotes and provide information and data, which aids communications with suppliers and customers and achieves cost optimization.
  • Monitor and review data and information to detect or assess problems.
  • Investigate and identify cost reduction opportunities through cost analysis review.
  • Provide and support data and cost analysis.
  • Try to minimize waste of the cost.
  • Perform risk and waste analysis.
  • Review designs and project drawings, etc.
  • Use, develop and oversee the maintenance of estimating databases.
  • Prepare and submit estimation report on a timely basis to the direct manager.
  • Perform any other tasks related to the job assigned by the direct manager.
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