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Company Name : ABV Rock Group LTD.

Cost Engineer

Job Description

To monitor and assess daily site costs for direct and indirect resources and compare them to budgets.


  • Establish cumulative costs for labor, plant, material, subcontract, and indirect.
  • Establish and monitor ongoing costs for labor, plant, material, subcontract and indirect.
  • Monitor progress and outputs on site and compare to expected/ budget outputs.
  • Monitor and value subcontract progress and contra charges and assist in evaluating subcontract work.
  • Compile material comparison sheets comparing actual to expected. Carry out measures prior to specific work commencement and compare them to actual.
  • Identify areas of poor performance on site and identify causes and provide solutions.
  • Ensure work practices are in accordance with budget assumptions and strategy.
  • Input data to the company cost control system to allow for reporting.
  • Provide timely information for inclusion in monthly cost/ value reports.
  • Assist in the preparation of detailed budgets.
  • Liaise with QA/QC regarding the quality of work and monitor defective work.
  • Provide detailed information to QS’s department for progress on site for inclusion in monthly valuations.
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