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Company Name : Marcus Evans

Corporate Sales Executive (B2B)

Job Description

Let’s Start With The 3 Reasons You Should Join Us …

Because marcus evans Is World-Class, Diverse and Successful

The marcus evans portfolio of Companies is now as diverse and successful as the people in it: marcus evans Summits, Conferences, Forums & Professional Training, The Hospitality Group (THG), The Artists Partnership, Linguarama and Ipswich Town Football Club. We’re located in more than 50 countries and currently employ more than 3,000 people. We’re known for being ‘World-Class.’

Because This Job Matters

For You – because it’s a brilliant opportunity to launch your career. We don’t expect you to have loads of experience. We do expect you to have the right attitude. With that, you can do anything. Like everyone here, you’ll start at an entry level and grow from there.

For You and the Company – because you’re going to be part of something special; something successful. Your work will help the continued growth of our Company.

For You, the Company and Our Clients – because you can provide a real contribution to the development of the companies and people you’ll sell our product too. That’s big picture satisfaction.

Because We Know What You Want

We know actual figures work best for you. We’ll tell you about those face-to-face. But what about the other perks? We don’t think just money. We know there are other things you care about too. Your bucket list…Is marcus evans a ‘BEST IN CLASS’ business? Can you offer me ”WORLD-CLASS TRAINING’? What kind of ‘CAREER DEVELOPMENT’ opportunities are there? Are your ‘PROMOTIONS based on performance MERIT’? Can I earn more than a basic salary with ‘INCENTIVIZED EARNINGS’? What about ‘TIME OFF’?’ Are there any opportunities for ‘TRAVEL’? Will it be a NICE PLACE TO WORK? Will I be HAPPY?

More Details?


Our product is called ‘Summits’. A Summit is an elite, business event, held in wonderful locations around the world. Day to-day, you’re researching and contacting people we know want to attend those Summits. You’ll take a variety of approaches to make your sales. You’ll be calling people to share with them the benefits of attending. You’ll use social media platforms to reach out and engage with them. You’re also managing all of the enquiries you receive.


vimeo @marcusevans/portfolios

facebook @marcusevanscareers

instagram @marcusevans_people

We look forward to welcoming you to the marcus evans Dubai team!



You’re joining an organization with a well-defined career path that you’ll be well-rewarded for. Our goal is to create a promising career path for you. We believe in organic growth. That means everyone starts on the ground and climbs upward. This is at the very heart of our culture. You’ll be part of an environment where first promotions are possible in just three months as long as we deliver on our coaching promise and you deliver on your drive and determination. It’s a partnership approach that creates this success for you and for us.


At marcus evans, we’re really committed to making sure that people are equally represented at all levels of our organization and across all departments. We do this by creating equal opportunities based on merit. We’ve recognized that developing people for leadership is a continuous process and one that involves us being ‘multi-diversity-lingual’. This is at the root of our culture. We’re fully invested in that mission, providing the training and opportunities needed to make this an ongoing reality.


Our culture revolves around the outcomes of our 4 key promises: Money. World-Class Sales Training. Rapid Career Growth. Luxury Travel. Our environment is competitive! Success breeds success. To learn, you need to be a great student. To teach, you need to be a great coach. We’ve got both! We seek to hire great students to teach you how to be the best in your field allowing you to leapfrog over your entry level position once your training is complete. The C-suite executives who run our nation’s economy are the ones you’ll be talking to. Surprised? One of our trademarks is doing and having things not always typical of people a certain age or with limited or different experiences. We know it’s not about age or experience. A high-energy, fun atmosphere, is typical of marcus evans people worldwide. We’re like a global family so we’re looking for folks who want to be a part of that family, where personal and team success are maximized.


We’re extremely proud of our diverse culture. Our most successful teams are made up of people from everywhere, each with their own very unique perspectives. That’s what makes this place so special. We want you to join us because of your great attitude and because this is how you think too. A great attitude is one where you respect others no matter their race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other aspects of what they look like or where they come from. These factors do not decide a person’s success at marcus evans. Hard work and a great attitude do!


We offer a variety of benefits, tailored according to your local office.

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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
Creative shipping and logistics solution in Egypt
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