Company Name : Al Nahiya Group

Corporate Affairs Follow-up Analyst

Job Description

Job Role of Analyst Job:
<br /> Follow up the implementation and delivery of all reports and administrative orders to the sectors, departments and offices of the Director General of Corporate Affairs, in preparation for presentation.
<br />Providing data and information that help the Director General to make decisions on the topics presented to him in coordination with all sectors, departments and offices of the Director General.
<br />Follow up on incoming correspondence to the Director General, review incoming mail and issue appropriate responses, in addition to sending incoming messages to the concerned sectors and employees of corporate affairs in order to take the necessary actions and follow up on them to ensure the completion of work.
<br />Ensure the accuracy of the drafting of official letters and correspondence addressed by the Director General to the concerned authorities.
<br />Study the reports received, review their correctness, compare them with previous reports or other available data, and notify the Director General of any important changes or errors that have been corrected.
<br />Provide the Director General with the latest reports related to administrative procedures manuals, directives and organizational charts and notify the Director General of amendments.
<br />Review the reports of the affiliated bodies and internal sectors concerned with institutional affairs and match them with the set plans, determine the extent to which the progress of the reports works matches the period specified in the timetable, submit a periodic report on early or delayed completion, and address the concerned authorities.
<br />Preparing PowerPoint presentations and working papers delivered by the Director General in official forums.
<br />Supervise the archiving of office files and archive correspondence and reports to be used as references, to ensure that the office is managed efficiently.
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<br />RequirementsSkills required for the position of specialist:
<br />Writing skills in Arabic and English.
<br />Time management.
<br />Awareness of policies and procedures.
<br />Computer literacy.
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