Compensations & Benefits Specialist

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About the Job


  • Development and design of compensation packages and policies aligned with the organization’s strategy
  • Administer monthly employee’s Payroll and benefits
  • Be responsible for payroll preparation/processing and tax reporting/records.
  • Assessment of the employees’ needs by means of different elevation methods and techniques
  • Creation and improvement of salary, benefit and bonus systems
  • Alignment of all compensation systems to general conditions on the labor market as well as on legal regulations
  • Support of managers in their decisions about compensation packages and ways to motivate employees
  • Preparation of regular audits and reports for information storage reasons
  • Comply with all applicable national laws and in particular with those related to Employment, Insurance and Tax.
  • Participate in salary and labor market surveys to determine prevailing pay rates and benefits. job requirements

HR Budgeting

  • Prepare annual HR budget plans and update it on a quarterly basis.
  • Provide regular budgeting analysis and report in collaboration with Finance.


  • Draft compensations plans (incentive system, annual raise, bonus system).
  • Conduct regular reviews of all company incentive schemes, jobs salaries and brackets.
  • Assess the organization’s pay structure and create a grading system.
  • Compare benefits and compensation plans, job descriptions, and salaries through data and cost analyses.
  • Develop internal best practices and continually improving the annual increase process.
  • Develop the compensation package based on business goals and strategy and ensuring that compensation practices are following the labor law and regulations.


  • Collaborate with outside vendors, such as benefits vendors (e.g., medical insurance).
  • Research and propose employees’ benefits.
  • Administer the organization’s benefits programs (insurance policies, etc.).
  • Develop and maintain salary range structures, establish cost-effective allowances, and establish market-based benefits.


  • Responsible for our HRIS,
  • Insert and follow up employees’ data to ensure information is current and complete.
  • Do regular audits to HRIS to ensure it is current and functioning at its fullest

Job Requirements

  • HR diploma or Certificate from recognized place.
  • Strong experience with Egyptian insurance regulations and calculations.
  • Practical experience in the field of compensations and benefits
  • Knowledge about different options of compensation and ways to motivate people
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • From two to Three years of Human Resources experience, specifically in payroll and benefits administration
  • Degree in business/economics/Law, HR management or other related fields

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