Company Name : Giza Systems

Compensation & Benefits Intern – 6 Months

Job Description

  • Assist the compensation and benefits team to oversee and administer the employees’ rewards and benefits and assess personnel needs will increase employees’ satisfaction.
  • Perform benefits administration to include claims resolutions, update reports, approving invoices for payment and communicating benefit information to employees.
  • Handle calculations of the overtime and travel allowances for the employees.
  • Print and deliver employee access cards.
  • Administer all invoices allocations, submission to finance for payment and follow up to make sure they are paid on time to ensure continuous benefits programs
  • Coordinate HR activities with the comp and ben team and the training and development team.
  • Support the HR Account Management team through joining fairs – if needed.
  • Update the benefits portfolio/manual to keep new employees updated with the benefits provided by the company.
  • Ensure that a welcome email is sent to all new employees in all regions.
  • Follow up registration with banks and other entities.
  • Follow up the ATM machine and ensure that it is working effectively and coordinate with the facility team and the bank team to facilitate any tasks required.
  • Collect, consolidate comp and ben monthly reports and submit to the Comp & Ben Manager and the HR Director.
  • Collect key hiring and separation information and send to the concerned stakeholders within the time schedule of reporting.
  • Calculate turnover and regretted turnover rates monthly and report to Comp & Ben Manager and HR Director.
  • Conduct survey and analysis of benefits programs within company and report success rate and suggestions.
  • Assist in sourcing offers for all benefits and HR activities provided by the comp and ben team.

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