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Collection Officer

Job Description


• Providing customer service regarding collection issues, process and review account adjustments.

• Addressing customer inquiries and resolving issues related to invoicing or payments.

• Responsible for monitoring and maintaining assigned accounts – Customer calls, handles queries or complaints.

• Supervision of day-to day collection follow up activities.

• Maximize collection across various aged buckets.

• Ensure to meet the required monthly targets and objectives.

• Monitoring and tracking trading customer invoices.

• Verifying the accuracy of invoices and ensuring they are sent to customers in a timely manner.

• Initiating communication with customers to follow up on outstanding invoices.

• Sending reminders and statements to encourage prompt payment.

• Negotiating payment terms and arrangements with customers.

• Discussing options such as installment plans or discounts for early payments.

• Building and maintaining positive relationships with customers.

• Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of customer payments and communications.

• Updating accounting systems with payment information.

• Identifying and escalating unresolved issues or disputes to management or relevant departments.

• Adhering to the company’s collections policies and guidelines.

• Collaborating with legal teams if legal action is necessary for debt recovery.

• Preparing and submitting necessary documentation for legal proceedings.

• Working closely with the finance or accounting department to reconcile un-allocated payments.

• Ensure that all acknowledged customer’s invoices are archived.

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