Company Name : Prime Support - Iraq

Chinese Chef

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY:Responsible for food preparation and production as per instructions from the Head Chef. All preparation must be done as per recipe or Guidelines given.KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Applying and following the contractual obligations, PSGS’s policies and procedures. Following, implying and maintaining all ISO standards and requirements. Developing recipes and menus for all food operations. Menu planning, food cost control and working knowledge, to serve all ethnic groups such as Chinese, Continental, Indian and Far Eastern. Supervises and inspects food production and staff to ensure the highest Hygiene and Safety standards. Coordinating with Management to food production (requisition, menu planning, Quality control and Staff Management). Maintaining food cost standard and cost. Promotes safety and proper sanitation. Controlling staff working under his supervision by giving them the necessary training, guidance and instructions. Supervising the preparation to ensure quality as well as meet the desired requirements of clients. Controlling processed food items for taste, quality, presentation and quantity before service to clients. Coordinating with Management to follow the availability of various food items as well as seasonal products. Determining food and beverage costs. Ensuring proper usage of equipment and premises. Preparing daily orders for procurement of all food and related items required from the store. Implementing the new innovative menus for the satisfaction of clients. Leading the team positively for the growth of the concern. Should be thorough in implementation of HACCP compliance for the kitchen.

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