Company Name : Alesayi Motors

Chief Procurement Officer

Job Description

Role Purpose:

Focusing on sourcing, procurement, and supply management. responsible for the management, administration, and supervision of the company’s acquisition programs, such as contracting services, and the purchase of supplies, equipment, and materials. It is often responsible to source goods and services and negotiating prices and contracts.

Key Activities:

  • Ensuring that goods and services are promptly delivered.  
  • locating sources for supplies and services, and maintaining relations with suppliers and vendors. Negotiate with vendors to get the best prices and deals, utilizing the power of purchase and the economies of scale. Often set up contracts between vendors and the company.
  •  Provides overall leadership to the purchasing team and ensures that procurement policies and procedures are followed. Constantly search for better quality products and better prices. 
  • Setup the Area’s policies and procedures and spearhead the purchasing process from selecting suppliers to ensuring stock optimization, as well as provide guidance on sourcing and procurement processes. 
  • Developing procurement strategies that are inventive and cost-effective.
  • Controlling the procurement budget and promoting a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs
  • Vendors management. 



  • Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, logistics, or business administration.MBA would be an advantage.
  • Proven experience managing supply chain operations.
  • Experience using supply chain management software and tools, including Oracle, SAP Ariba, and/or Envision.
  • In-depth knowledge of preparing and reviewing contracts, invoicing, and negotiation terms.

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