Chief Financial Officer

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt

Job Description :

The CFO is responsible for managing all financial and accounting aspects of the company, which includes directing and supervising the activities of financial planning and budgeting, and preparing financial reports and statements. In addition, he is responsible for the activities related to the general ledger, maintenance of the chart of accounts, fixed assets and their depreciation calculation, accounts payable, debit and cash, banks, salary review and disbursement, and period/year end closures in accordance with the objectives, policies and procedures set by the company.Contribute to the development and implementation of the general strategy of the facilityDevelop a financial management strategy and planContribute to the development of financial policies and procedures.Preparing and submitting periodic reports to the Director General on the various activities of the Department.Provide general guidance on the various aspects and activities of the financial management department to ensure that tasks are carried out in a professional manner and on time.Coordination with the managers of other departments to facilitate the preparation and completion of annual budgets, reports and financial statements of the facilityManaging the activities of the general accounts, financial planning and budgets departments in the facility, and encouraging full use of these activities by all departments of the facility.Managing and directing all accounting operations related to the general ledger, and maintaining the chart of accounts.Supervising and directing the preparation and issuance of reports and periodic financial statements for the facilityManaging internal control systems in relation to financial affairs to ensure the accuracy of accounting records and documents, and to provide appropriate work procedures.Managing, controlling and monitoring cash and banks, ensuring the availability of necessary and sufficient cash for the establishment’s needs, reviewing and approving bank settlements, and supervising bank accounts.Monitoring the cash position, indebtedness and liquidity of the facilityManaging and directing the operations related to fixed assets, their inventory, and their capital, and reviewing the process of calculating their depreciation on a monthly basis.Supervising and approving the development of the Estimated Budgeting Guide, controlling the operational budget preparation process, capital expenditure budgeting, and cash flow budgeting.Supervising the preparation of cash forecasts for the facilityActing as a main point of contact with the external audit offices, and ensuring that cooperation and support are provided to these offices when they carry out their responsibilities, including – and mainly – approving the reports and financial statements of the facilityConsulting the CEO regarding financial and operational objectives.Providing the necessary advice regarding the financial effects of management decisions, and clarifying the financial opinion in the processes of acquisition or disposal of assets and large investment decisions.Developing summaries and presentations to present the financial performance of the facility to the senior management and the general manager.Building and maintaining long-term relationships with financial institutions.Determining the training and development needs of direct subordinates and taking the necessary measures to raise the efficiency of the department’s staff.Provide direction and leadership to all management personnel in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the course of work, and to ensure that all employees are aware of their primary role in management.Present and discuss management directives and procedures to its employees to ensure that responsibilities and authorities are defined and understood.

Job Requirements :

Qualifications:At least a bachelor’s degree in financial management or accounting and no less than 10 years of experience in the field of financial management and accounting.Preferably holds an MBA (specialization in Financial Management is preferred).Professional certification, ACCA, CMA or CPA certifications preferredExperience in the Real Estate, Agriculture, Industrial Development fields is an asset.Character traits:The ability to manage and supervise the accounts, reports, budgets, investment and financial affairs of the facility.Risk analysis and management skills.Organization and planning skills.Strategic planning skills.The ability to achieve the objectives of the establishment.High level of accuracy and attention to detail.Fluency in Arabic and English

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