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Company Name : ابراهيم القرشي

Chief Accounting

Job Description

Financial Control

1. Ensures consistent reporting and conformity of company financial management to universal fiscal policies and procedures

2. Reviews documents and claims for accuracy, completeness, and uniformity to financial policies.

3. Reviews contracts for adherence to financial policy.

4. Maintains good relationship with the banks, creditors, etc.

5. Liaising with External Auditors to get the engagement letter and signed Financial Statements. 

6. Advance knowledge in the cost and management accounting, accounting and financial principles, practices and procedures including international accounting standards.

7.Liaise with the centralized management control dept regarding to close monthly financial reports.

8. Preparing the financial reports on monthly bases and submit to Finance Dept. in KSA. 

9.Preparing tax returns on time, without delay

Accounting and Financial Reporting

1. Maintaining Fixed Assets register

2. Adherence to the internal control policies


1. Works with various departments in budget preparation, implementation, and control

2. Monitors and evaluates budget and cash flow for appropriateness to ensure fiscal solvency and accountability

3. Develops revenue/expense analysis and projections

Accounts Payable

1. Maintains client, vendors master file & associate records

2. Reviews and controls client & supplier invoices

3. Checking invoices, offers signed by authorized signatories

4. Manages dispatch of payments

5. Monthly submission of accounts payable report

Accounts Receivable

1. Maintains client master file & associate records

2. Reviews and controls client payments

3. Monthly submission of accounts receivable report

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