CEO Office Manager

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Follow up weekly reports from all Dep and review before present it to CEOSchedule appointments, make arrangements for meetings and conferences, and organize travel plans following detailed instructions to facilitate business meetings.Organizes daily work and orientation related to CEO office to achieve the best use of the available resources and the time of CEO.Documentation board of directors meetings (location & date & time & participations) and prepare minutes of meetings, decisions, Voting and keep it on record file .Follow up the decisions of board of directors meetings with participating Dep .Coordinate between board of directors and assist for more efficiency and effectiveness of meeting and decision making.prepare all the documents of Audit Committee and present it to CEO and board of directors .Assist, coordinate and schedule with all internal and external client .do all tasks and jobs entrusted to him form CEO within his specialty. 

Job Requirements :

communications Skills Excellent in MS Office University Qualifications: BSc in Administration or any related major.Gender Preference: MaleLanguage Good : Arabic – English

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