Category pricing &Segmentation Manager

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  • Egypt

Job Description :

Develops pricing analytics to measure effectiveness of pricing strategies and the impact of spare parts and other cost changes on the profitability of product lines.  Coordinates contract development, drafting and compliance programs around pricing and other commercial offering elements.  Monitors customer buying patterns, competitive behaviors, and market dynamics and recommends to adjust offers as necessary.  Develops and executes pricing strategy aligned with Product and Market strategies to maximize short-term and long-term objectives  Coordinates contract development, drafting, execution, and compliance in alignment with contract strategy. Effectively collaborates with market segment teams and provides greater visibility for growth in variable and gross margin through continuous, aggregate offer behavior analysis.  Manages profitability metrics, and identifies variable margin improvement opportunities at an order, customer, market segment, application, geography, and product level while ensuring quotes are provided quickly and consistently Tracks external trends in key Spare Parts and other metrics to proactively drive pricing changes with market changes. Leads mass price change decisions, communications, and documentation for pricing analyst implementation. Empowers Pricing Analyst to make tactical pricing decisions in-line with the pricing strategy. Provides guidance and coaching, and serves as the final approver when pricing decisions are escalated. Monitors and communicates changing market conditions by analysing trade flows, market supply and demand, competitive rivalry, and leading macroeconomic indicators. Develops and keeps cost curves up to date. Determines where to place excess product in the market in a way that maximizes variable margin while minimizing market disruption.  Advises on product allocation plans when product availability is restricted 

Job Requirements :

Strong analytical skills and excellent numerical abilities.Strong financial focus and acumen to drive profitable choices.Data-driven thinking and an affinity for numbers.Excellent Presentation Skills.Excellent Planning & Organizing Skills. Economical and strategical thinking

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