Company Name : CC Egypt

Brand Manager

Job Description


The objective of maximize the sales volume and profitability of a department store concession. A Brand Manager will lead by example and ensure the delivery of outstanding customer service and the achievement of the sales targets of the fashion brand.


  • Responsible for the P&L of the brand.
  • Financial planning for all budgets (marketing, operation, buying, maintenance, Opening, staff uniform, etc…).
  • Responsible for the stores’ and brand’s image as per the international standards
  • Setting brand Business Plan (yearly sales and margin forecast).
  • New store allocation, research, P&L, and marketing activities).
  • Brand Marketing planning and budgeting.
  • Pricing by conducting an ongoing price analysis of the brand compared to the market and in light of the targeted BP margins.
  • Responsible for promotion plans.
  • Seasonal Buying (setting buying budget per season, travel for selection, placing the order).
  • Working closely with the Logistics team to prepare shipments.
  • Following up on payment strategy and fulfillment with the finance department.
  • Responsible for ALL communication with the brand whether for deliveries, payments, marketing, or other.
  • Sale preparation and monitoring.
  • Monitoring all marketing activities together with the marketing team.
  • Supervise the brand product coordinator and merchandising planner regarding; product data, system data entry, transfer between stores, and purchase orders.
  • Work closely with merchandising regarding stock level control, displayed merchandise, old seasons’ stock management, and stock liquidation.
  • Setting an action plan for each season.
  • Preparing brand-related reports such as; sell-through, OTB, buying history, and new stores’ P&L reports.
  • Follow up & monitoring respective branches/or customer complaints.
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