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Company Name : Confidential Company Kuwait

Brand Manager

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Responsible for managing all branding activities (in coordination with the Marketing Department), ordering, pricing, promotions and market research in order to identify and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Implement the Brand Management Department’s set policies and procedures and comply with the company’s other policies.
  • Manage all Brand Management activities related to the brand and the respective Retail Outlets while ensuring that all activities are in line with Policies and Procedures and Brand standards.
  • Develop, control & monitor the Brand strategy, Customer Journey, plans and budgets for the assigned outlets, while ensuring Brand Identity is as per Policies and Procedures and in line with Brand Standards (when required).
  • Conduct market research on a continuous basis to obtain information related to: 
  • Customers’ preferences and needs – “Customer Behavior” (to identify potential markets and factors affecting brand demand).
  • Competitors (to identify competitors’ overall market share, sales volume, and methods of marketing). 
  • Identify market intelligence techniques and analyze the market in terms of competition, market size, market growth, market share and prices.
  • Develop future strategies and tactics in response to changes in the market or to capitalize on new opportunities and increase Brand Equity.
  • Constantly recommend initiatives and techniques to keep competitive edge in the Consumer Electronics industry.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the visual concepts and strategies related to the brand, in order to ensure the alignment of the same with standards and that it reflects the brand’s identity.
  • Assist in identifying the market segments of, in addition to estimating the market size and participate in the formulation of the marketing plan in coordination with the Direct Manager and Sales Managers in order to achieve a high market share and increase the sales volume of all Brands.
  • Conduct required meetings with clients in order to acquire clear understanding regarding their inquiries.
  • Set the retail price for the respective products in line with Pricing Policy.
  • Analyze information pertaining to consumer trends and information and categories in order identify potential brand categories as future sources of growth.
  • Implement the promotional initiatives in line with the Brand guidelines and Policies and Procedures.
  • Provide monthly dashboards of brand performance to identify key drivers, gaps, and develop actionable strategies to reverse negative trends. 
  • Oversee all elements of the marketing mix, including product formulation, price, packaging and promotion to optimize sales, market share, profitability and build brand equity.
  • Ensure stock levels are managed correctly in order to have continuous availability of products to service all Customers and ensure all replenishment orders are in line with delivery lead times. 
  • Follow up with the Supply Chain and Service Centre Division regarding the distribution activities in order to ensure timely delivery and installation of products to clients.
  • Manage the procurement of the Brands by Product and allocation of stock by channel and Customer, in line with Policies and Procedures.
  • Assist in developing and executing the annual marketing plan to achieve higher sales volume and profit objectives related to Products.
  • Perform ad-hoc and other duties related to the job as assigned by the Direct Manager.
  • Prepare and submit periodic reports to Direct Management covering all activities related to the Brand and any issues that may arise.

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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Free People Finder Tool
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