Company Name : Um AlZubar Stud

Barn Manager & Show Jumping Accredited Coach

Job Description

This job generally requires the ability to perform the following tasks: Has show jumping coaching certificate and past experiences to show competence of teaching riders of all levels how to properly and safely learn how to ride a horse, how to care for a horse, etc. Has past experience training horses for show events. Prepares horses for events. Feed horses. Muck out stalls. Turn out horses to paddocks. Wrap horses’ legs. Assist with veterinary treatments. Supervise employees. Order supplies, equipment, and feed. Pay bills and maintain records. Arrange transportation to shows or races. Handle the scheduling of routine veterinary visits and farrier visits. Barn managers must be highly skilled in all aspects of horsemanship and possess a solid working knowledge of basic medical treatments, equine nutritional needs, and equine behavioral management techniques.

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