Company Name : Confidential Company Doha

Auto Painter

Job Description

  • Prepares the surface and paint the vehicles in accordance with the MMC standards.
  • Cleans, sands, and applies chemical solutions to prepare condition surfaces prior to painting.
  • Mixes and thins paint or other coating to specified color and consistency according to standard formulas or color charts,using spatula or mixing equipment.
  • Sprays specified amount or thickness of primer, protective, decorative, or finish coatings, such as paint, lacquer, sealer, or enamel, onto prepared surfaces. Blends polishes finish matching surrounding areas, manually or using portable power tools.
  • May apply or retouch paint using brush.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of the workplace. 
  • Remove trim and mirrors from vehicles. Cover other surfaces that should not be painted.
  • Strip grease, dirt, paint, and rust from vehicle surface.
  • Fill small dents and scratches with body filler to smoothen the surface. 
  • Select the correct spray gun system for the material being applied. 
  • Carry out the job on sequence order.
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