Company Name : Confidential Company Doha

Auto Denter

Job Description

  • Execute the repair & replace damaged bodies & body parts of the vehicle in accordance with the standards.
  • Identify the damage of the car as per direction of your designated Team Leader if the damage is for repair or Align bodies, door & frames, fills dents with body plastic, fits and installs glass in windshields, doors, and win
  • Repairs and/or installs body upholstery accessories and equipment.
  • Checks and repairs water & dust leaks, welds & Brazes auto bodies.
  • Restore damaged metal frames & body sections. Straightening of the smashed body.
  • Realign warped metal components
  • Straightening of the smashed body. Realign warped metal frames and components. 
  • Pneumatic metal-cutting guns to remove badly damaged sections of car body panels 
  • Hydraulic jacks or pneumatic hammers to remove dents and dimples. 
  • They manipulate grinders and hot-air welding guns to reshape plastic components on newer-model vehicles. 
  • Carefully check the damage if it’s done accurate and correct before sending the car in painting section.
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