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Company Name : Parsons - United Arab Emirates


Job Description


What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Traffic studies including planning, engineering, design, operations, safety, traffic impacts, and evaluation of alternatives through engineering analysis using data, models, and other tools.
  • Data analysis including the compilation, processing, and evaluation of data using spreadsheets, databases, specific software solutions, or other tools to identify trends and draw conclusions relative to enhancing the operations/maintenance of transportation infrastructure.
  • Complete project tasks as assigned in an organized manner, communicating progress, delays, priority conflicts, and other matters with supervisors to support a coordinated project delivery.
  • Communicate effectively in the form of e-mail, memoranda, reports, and presentations.
  • Maintain project records; organize project submittal reviews and other miscellaneous project support tasks.
  • Supporting project managers and senior staff by participating in client meetings to discuss project requirements and deliverables, etc.
  • Working within established project teams to deliver planning, design and junction analysis tasks


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