Company Name : Dabur Egypt

Associate Purchasing manager

Job Description

Responsible for Respond to all purchasing requests received from the planning department. (Local – worldwide).
Responsible for the weekly shortfall, NPD monthly (New product development) reports.
Gather and Negotiate quotations from all various suppliers.
Issue purchase order to the appropriate suppliers.
Follow up receiving goods from suppliers.
Ensure receipt of goods on requested time from the planning department.
Coordinate solving technical problems related to goods received within the requirements of the technical department.
Search for new suppliers to avoid risk and enhance current supplier performance.
Evaluate supplier’s performance as per planned periodically.
Prepare the budget for the purchasing process annually.
Attend trade shows and exhibitions to stay up-to-date with the industry trends.
Attend shortfall meetings of the future production plans.
Support packaging and development team to deliver new PM.
Assist in Create a budget of back material and future vision of inflation and deflation.
Control budget report on a monthly basis.
Delivery savings.

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