Company Name : ENRRA

Assessment Officer- Electrical System Safety

Job Description

Main Job Purpose                                          

The main purpose of this position is to perform independent calculations and conceptual safety assessments of electrical systems of radiation facilities and other relevant activities, in line with ENRRA’s Integrated Management System.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform assessments of electrical system safety at the various stages in the Radiation facilities and other relevant activities, including reliability analyses of electrical systems and the ageing and maintenance management of such systems during operation.
  • Participate in developing regulations, guides and procedures related to his/her area of expertise. 
  • Participate in assessment of Safety Analysis Report (SAR) and submitted documents by checking that parts related to electrical systems reasonably demonstrate the safety of radiation facilities and other relevant activities.
  • Assess the authorized party’s procedures for the manufacture, assembly and operation of safety-related electrical systems.
  • Maintain a systematic recording of assessments, in line with the Integrated Management System.
  • Participate in inspection of the radiation facility and other activities related to electrical system.
  • Participate as appropriate in assessment of procedures for the commissioning and testing of safety related systems.
  • Participate in identifying and evaluation of the safety impact of findings detected during assessments and inspections, and issue relevant reports.
  • Collaborate in the investigation of events that have a safety impact, assess and follow up on proposals to modify or change components that have a significant impact on electrical systems safety, or modify related documentation.
  • Participate in teams tasked with assessing the licenses of the radiation facilities and operating personnel.
  • Carry out other tasks assigned by the Head of Department/ Head of Sector.
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