Company Name : Confidential Company Eastern Province

Architecture Site Engineering

Job Description

3. Job ObjectiveSite engineers act as day-to-day managers on a construction site, and the main source of technical advice and quality control for everyone working on it. The role also involves levelling and surveying a site, checking drawings and quantities and ensuring the accuracy of calculations.

4. Duties and Responsibilities2.1 Check plans and drawings to ensure all calculations are accurate.2.2 Making sure the work performed and materials used are as specified in the contract.2.3 Overseeing health & safety and quality control measures on the site.2.4 Liaising with subcontractors, clients and other professional staff.2.5 Establish, report and follow up all on non-conformance activities. 2.6 Enforce the relevant safety rules at site and make sure personal protective equipment is worn as and where required by the staff under their responsibility. 2.7 Attend coordination meetings organized by client and consultants etc.2.8 Conduct daily briefing with site team leaders to follow-up and report on the work progress to anticipate any possible delays with regards to planned tasks. 2.9 Take immediate corrective action to avoid any cumulative effect of such deviation and recover the delay to finish the task in due time. 2.10 To assist Project Manager in the supervision and management of construction activities to assigned project.2.11 Assist in the planning and sequencing of the construction operations according to the Project Quality Plan.2.12 Conduct regular inspections and assess the work performance done by all subcontractors.2.13 Evaluate and resolve any discrepancies and problems arising during construction which affect the quality of works performed. 2.14 Attend to Meetings with Owners to solve technical issues and other related matters. 2.15 Coordinate the handing over of completed works to client and completion of the necessary rectification works.

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