Company Name : Executives Path Recruiter

Applications Development Head

Job Description

  • Perform other duties as assigned to ensure the smooth functioning of the department and maintain the reputation of the organization as a viable and responsible business organization.
  • Recommend programmatic and technical directions and operate with a high degree of independence in matters relating to the investigation, impact, and analysis of security incidents, decisions regarding risk, and measures for computer and network security.
  • Operate with a high degree of independence regarding management activities, including development of project plans and budget/resource estimates.
  • Lead and manage selection of outsource partners whose products and services implement our applications through RFP and RFI processes.
  • Manage day to day activities needed to enhance, maintain and support our business applications, minimising downtime and increasing quality.
  • Initially and with the support of the CITO, be responsible for the development and maintenance of the overall strategic architecture.
  • Build internal teams to deliver channel, business and infrastructure through a defined tool supported SDLC where the need arises.
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