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Company Name : Saudi Railway Company (SAR)

Application Development Senior Specialist

Job Description

  • Liaises with department heads to understand the software/application requirements and propose application development plans accordingly.
  • Participates in application design, development ((coding and configuration), testing, and implementation, ensuring adherence to user requirements in an effective manner.
  • Proposes alternative solutions upon understanding of the application requirements to implement the best hardware and software alternatives, keeping in mind the economic viability.
  • Proposes innovative ideas to make the best out of the available resources to attain maximum output from the operations.
  • Implements necessary tools required to carry out the application development operations as per the market practice.
  • Identifies and prepares a list of vendors/suppliers to receive necessary support on the application development process and seeks necessary approvals from senior manager.
  • Ensures completion of assigned operations within the stipulated time in alignment with the agreed quality standards.
  • Provides necessary support to department heads on troubleshooting activities of the implemented software / applications
  • Understands software/application issues that arise and seeks to develop measures to avoid the occurrence of such issues/errors in the future.

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