Company Name : Tetratech Jordan

Agricultural Enterprise Specialist (AES)

Job Description

based in Amman with frequent visits to WEC field activities

The Agricultural Enterprise Specialistwill support agri. enterprises, working with farmers using irrigated agriculture systems, to enhance farmer adoption and implementation of water conservation and water efficient cultivation best practices. The AES will enable these agri enterprises, to focus on the economic benefits and savings of improved water utilization, so that the cost benefits of water conservation at farm level are better understood. The AES will also engage with treated wastewater plants to support their increased supply of treated wastewater under irrigated agriculture.   

Under the supervision of the Director of Market Systems & Private Sector Engagement (MS&PSE Director), to whom he/she will report, the AES will have the following responsibilities: 

Supports agri-enterprises, working with farmers using irrigated agriculture, to enhance the on-farm adoption of water conservation and water efficient cultivation best practices, including using treated wastewater. Highlights cost benefits of water conservation techniques to support adoption at farm level. Enhances agri-input suppliers’ capacity to increase sales and improve service delivery of water-saving technologies to Jordan’s irrigated ag sector to improve on farm water conservation. Organize and host related meetings and events with WEC partners, organize farmer training days, on-farm demonstrations, and associated consultant assignments to raise the profile and adoption of water conservation under irrigated agriculture. Lead/support associated data collection, record keeping, project reporting, and publications.Perform other tasks as appropriate and as determined by his/her direct supervisor. 

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