Company Name : Alghanim Industries

Administrative Assistant

Job Description

Job Purpose –

Jobs at this level are responsible for aiding executives in staff capacity by coordinating office services such as personnel, budget preparation and control, fiscal affairs, equipment utilization, records control and special management studies.


Key Accountabilities-

  • Identifies administrative needs and develops appropriate solutions or recommendations.
  • Conducts cost/benefit analysis reports and evaluations of programs, staffing, and equipment utilization based on the available data provided by the concerned employees.
  •  Applies methods of improving work measurements or performance standards as per the recommendations of the General Manager and the Senior Administrative Assistant.
  • Coordinates collection and preparation of operating reports such as time and attendance records, terminations, new hires, transfers, budget expenditures, and statistical records of performance data.
  • Issues and interprets operating policies. Reviews and answers correspondence.
  • Directs services such as computer and office equipment maintenance and repair, supplies, mail, and files.
  • Interprets and applies laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the organization.
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