Company Name : Confidential Company Kuwait

Accounts Receivables Supervisor

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Job Location
Company Industry
Perfume & Cosmetics
Company Type
Employer (Private Sector)
Job Role
Accounting and Auditing
Employment Type
Full Time Employee
Monthly Salary Range
Number of Vacancies
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{“@context”:””,”@type”:”JobPosting”,”title”:”Accounts Receivables Supervisor”,”description”:”

  1. tAssist in developing, implements and maintains systems, procedures, and policies, including accounts payable functions to ensure adherence to company guidelines.u00a0
  2. tReview all invoices which have appropriate documentation and approval prior to paymentu00a0
  3. tParticipate in creation and interpretation of enhanced finance related methods to ensure consistency with accounts payable prerequisites.u00a0
  4. tSupervise the Accounts Payable ledger to ensure payables accuracyu202fu00a0
  5. tMonitors spending for adherence to budget, recommends variances as necessary.u00a0
  6. tOversee operations of the accounts payable department, including entry of invoices, reconciliation against purchase orders, review of entries for appropriate coding and the disbursement of fundsu00a0u00a0
  7. tCoach and train accounts payable staff regarding to the performance of standards and routine accounting, cash control, special assignments, and other related duties.u00a0u00a0
  8. tReview work productivity of accounts payable department to ensure accuracy and completeness.u00a0
  9. tPrepare account and vendor reconciliations, inclusive of payments and credits, and bring any variances or issues to the attention of the Assistant Controller, as requiredu00a0
  10. tOversee daily transactions, including accounts payable/receivable and general ledger.u00a0
  11. tReview invoices received from other departments and other requests of payments.u00a0
  12. tRegulate and organize accounts payable techniques and all accounting events.u00a0
  13. tProviding technical assistance to accounts payable staff.u00a0
  14. tAnalyse and assess situations for the best possible outcome u00b7u00a0u00a0
  15. tPrioritize a current listing of the accounts payable department job functions and staff assigned to each duty.u00a0u00a0
  16. tMaintaining all vendor files, accounts payable reports and spreadsheets, and answer all vendor inquiries.u202fu00a0
  17. tAssist in organizing accounts payable methods to ensure that dealersu2019 payments are in conformity with the companyu2019s allocation guidelines and routine standard principles.u00a0
  18. tServe as contact for resolving complicated billing systems.u00a0
  19. tBuild solid relationships across all units at various accounting levels.u00a0
  20. tAscertain the accuracy of accounts payable standard files and the accounts payable integrations to the general records.u00a0
  21. tOrganize month-end annual closings and execute special analysis tasks and other financial related obligations with the assistance of the organizationu2019s financial network.u00a0
  22. tOversee expenditure for compliance with budgets and give recommendations on discrepancies as often as necessary.u00a0
  23. tCreate an efficient network for working out and distributing payments promptly.u00a0
  24. tProvide a summary of creditors ageing report required by various finance and control section personnel to prepare monthly reports.u00a0
  25. tReview and determine all payments due and to submit the payment requests and disbursement schedule to director of finance for review and signature prior to the actual preparation of cheques.u00a0
  26. tPrepare cheque payments and submit them, with supporting documents for final approval and signatures of the director of finance and top management.u00a0u00a0


  1. Bacheloru2019s degree in accounting, finance, business administration or another related field.u00a0
  2. Diploma or Certificate in Accounting is preferred u00b7u00a0u00a0
  3. At least 5 years of A/P experience in leadership role via managing direct reports and demonstrated coaching and mentoring abilities is preferredu00a0
  4. Sufficient experience in professional supervisory procedures.u00a0
  5. Knowledge of accounting standards, conventions and principles is a mustu202fu00a0
  6. Familiarity with Accounting Software.u00a0
  7. Able to analyse and assess situations for the best possible outcome u00b7u00a0u00a0
  8. Highly self-motivated and able to work well under pressure to meet deadlines, as needed.u00a0
  9. Strong attention to detail with excellent organizational skillu00a0
  10. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.u00a0
  11. . Able to work under pressure.u00a0
  12. . Highly innovative, leadership, and self-directed.u00a0u00a0
  13. . Excellent attention to detail, professional attitude, reliable.u00a0

“,”identifier”:{“@type”:”PropertyValue”,”name”:”Confidential”,”value”:”2097503″},”datePosted”:”2024-01-23″,”validThrough”:”2024-03-23″,”employmentType”:”FULL_TIME”,”hiringOrganization”:”confidential”,”jobLocation”:{“@type”:”Place”,”address”:{“@type”:”PostalAddress”,”streetAddress”:”Kuwait”,”addressLocality”:”Kuwait”,”addressRegion”:”Kuwait”,”postalCode”:”NA”,”directApply”:true,”addressCountry”:”Kuwait”}},”baseSalary”:{“@type”:”MonetaryAmount”,”currency”:”USD”,”value”:{“@type”:”QuantitativeValue”,”value”:”NA”,”unitText”:”MONTH”}},”qualifications”:”Unspecified”,”industry”:”Unspecified”,”occupationalCategory”:”Accounts Receivable Supervisor”,”totalJobOpenings”:1}

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