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Company Name : Al Khaleej Sugar

Ac Technician

Job Description

  1. The air conditioning technicians install, inspect, maintain, and repair air conditioner. 
  2. Through knowledge about central, Split and Window air conditioner.
  3. They perform Periodic maintenance work on cooling units. 
  4. They install new air-conditioning systems and equipment. 
  5. They diagnose electrical and mechanical defects and malfunctions. 
  6. They install, replace, or repair equipment that has been damaged. 
  7. They make adjustment and do calibrations of thermostatic controls. 
  8. They clean blowers, coils and top up gas as required. 
  9. They make plans and designs of new air-conditioning systems including their installation and maintenance. 
  10. They inspect and maintain refrigerators and chilled water supply systems. 
  11. Documentation of service or repaired air conditioner should be done. 

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