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Company Name :جى-شارك

مهندس تبريد وتكييف – السلام – القاهرة


تفاصيل الوظيفة

مطلوب مهندس تبريد وتكيف للعمل بورشة صيانة مترو الانفاق الخط الثالث.

Manage maintenance team and their usage of HVAC Equipment, Electrical Equipment.
Plan, coordinate and lead the operation and maintenance for all the mechanical and electrical utilities such as HVAC equipment.
Supervise Execution of maintenance plans concerning periodic, preventive and corrective activities.
Provide spare parts and tools to execute the corrective and preventive maintenance and the safety equipment as well
Ensure that maintenance activities and installations are performed safely (applying safety first principle).
Prepare the method of statement and risk assessment for all maintenance activities.
Coordinate and supervise installation and maintenance by contractors or outside vendors for the development, replacement and renovations.
Carry out regular audits to confirm the continuity of the operation as agreed with the customer and identify the major issues
Issuing the monthly report for Trouble tickets and the preventive maintenance during the month.

جميع المعلومات المتاحة اثناء التقديم من الرابط ادناه
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