Company Name : شركة تجميل و ابداع للتجارة

مهندس اجهزة طبية

Job Description

  • Performingusertraining-pre-salesproductdemonstrationsatClinesandhospital
  • Provide customer feedback to the direct manager.
  • -Documentation of all customer contacts via CRM
  • -Remote technical support to solve customer questions
  • -Willingness to support the development of new products
  • -Improving the development of existing products
  • -Conductingmarketresearchandanalyzingindustrytrends
  • -Analyzing and documenting the product development process
  • -Buildingandmaintainingcustomerrelationships-Resolvingcustomerissues
  • -Collaborating with the development team and Product Manage

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