Company Name : Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

ممرض قانوني 1 العمليات – Staff Nurse 1 OR / Al-Hada Military Hospital

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities 5.0 Duties and Responsibilities5.1    Supervises and directs patients care and safety: 5.1.1  Ensures proper and correct patient identification according to the patient surgical safety checklist.5.1.2   Perform “Time Out” correctly for all surgical patients. 5.1.3   Assess nursing action for sale patient transfer. 5.1.4   Respond to life saving situation based on nursing standards and protocol.5.2    Perform Scrub Duties:5.2.1  Keep principles of aseptic technique. 5.2.2 Knowledgeable of surgeon’s needs techniques and procedure preference at all times. 5.2.3   Performs proper hand scrubbing, gowning and gloving technique according to accepted standards. 5.2.4   Maintain count of sponges, needles and instruments to assure no loss of items according to policies. 5.2.5   Assertive in anticipating surgeons needs. 5.2.6   Maintain and is responsible for the sterility of the entire surgical field. 5.3    Perform Circulating Duties:5.3.1  Supervises and assist scrub nurse as necessary. 5.3.2   Observe and enforces strict standards of asepsis. 5.3.3   Assist surgeon in proper patient positioning responding to comfort and safety of the patient. 5.3.4   Provide for accurate care handling of specimens. 5.3.5  Maintains record of procedure and reports any unusual occurrences. 5.3.6 Accompanies patient to Recovery Room and give complete endorsement to assure continuity of care.5.4    Assist in control and maintenance of drugs, supplies, instruments and equipments:5.4.1  Check and record expiration of drugs available in OR. 5.4.2   Report any unavailable stock of supplies. 5.4.3  Supervise care and handling, maintenance and storage and ordering of supplies, instruments and equipments.5.5   Assist in supervision of personnel and department to provide optimum assurance of a safe environment:5.5.1 Checks rooms, supplies and equipments for proper care and maintenance. 5.5.2   Assure clean and safe environment through continued alertness to safety and explosive hazard and aseptic technique.5.5.3   Assist in control of traffic and personnel to ensure proper control of infection and asepsis.5.6    Assist in Operating Room development and education:5.6.1  Acts as preceptor in orientation of new personnel. 5.7.2  Provide departmental in-services in each field of specialty regarding instruments and equipments under supervision and direction. 

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