Company Name : Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

ممرض قانوني 1 الأطفال – Pediatric SN 1 / Alhada Military Hospital

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities5.0 Duties and Responsibilities5.1    Assists with admissions, transfers and discharges of patients.5.1.1  Orient patients to their physical environment upon admission (i.e call lights, side rails, bed control, television, etc.)5.1.2   Takes and records vital signs, height and weight of patients. Observes, records and reports all abnormal findings to the charge nurse or teal leader. 5.1.3   Prepares patients and environments at meal times. Feed patients as indicated. 5.2    Initiates the Nursing Care Process on all patients upon admission.5.2.1  Recognizes changes in patient’s conditions and takes appropriate nursing actions. 5.2.2   Records those actions and patient’s reactions in the nurses; notes, under the direction of the head nurse/charge nurse. 5.2.3   Updates the nursing process (care plan) accordingly. 5.3    Performs nursing techniques for the comfort and well-being of patients.5.3.1  Provides treatment, using therapeutic equipment.5.3.2   Attends to patient’s hygiene needs and comfort.5.3.3   Makes occupied and occupied beds.5.3.4   Makes occupied and unoccupied beds.5.3.5   May apply hot and cold compresses to patient, as directed by the charge nurse team leader. 5.3.6   Answers call lights and report all unusual conditions to the charge nurse/team leader. 5.3.7   Records intake and output 5.3.8   Collects specimens from patients for laboratory examination. 5.3.9   Observes isolation techniques. 5.3.10 Gives post-mortem care. 5.4    Administers prescribed medication with the exception of I.V. push medications.5.4.1  Observe progress of intravenous infusions, maintains prescribed infusion rate and ensures that I.V. site is intact. 5.4.2   Administers controlled and Narcotic Drugs with SN1, SN2 or HN and can handle the Narcotic Keys. 5.5    Prepares equipment and assists physician during treatment and examinations of patients.5.5.1  Sets up diagnostic equipment at bedside as needed. 5.5.2   Prepares patient for diagnostic procedures (i.e enema etc.) 5.5.3   Changes dressings as ordered by the physician, using aseptic techniques as directed by nursing practice. 5.6    Initiates and actively participates in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). 5.7    Performs other duties as may assigned. 5.7.1  Transports patients to other departments. (i.e X-ray, etc.) 5.7.2   Transports specimens to the Laboratory. 5.7.3   Cleanses duty instruments and tray before returning them to CSSD. 5.7.4   Maintains cleanliness and neatness of patient environment, utility rooms, treatment room and nurses station. 5.8    Professional: 5.8.1  Assumes the responsibilities of Charge Nurse in the absence of Head Nurse as assigned. 5.8.2   Maintains licensure in country of origin. 5.8.3   Identifies and plans to meet own continuing education needs. 5.8.4   Demonstrate a professional interest and responsibility toward the attainment of the goals of the Nursing Department. 5.8.5   Assumes the role of nursing advocates.

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