Company Name : Arts engineering consulting

مدير مشروع

Job Description

Supervise construction projects and provide quality assurance that completed work is in

compliance with the plans and specifications.

• Maintain accurate records and reports related to the project.

• Act as point of contact and coordinate directly with general contractor and negotiate change


• Monitor progress against accepted construction schedule and review the Contractor’s

progress reports.

• Assess the progress and inform the Project client in case of delay.

• Direct, assist and monitor the performance of Construction Inspection and Office

Engineering staff.

• Oversee field site activities and provide technical advice on construction and design.

• Discuss deviations from specified construction materials and procedures with Engineer-


• Regularly review and approve contract submittals and payment applications to contractors.

• Participate in contract close-out activities.

• Conduct regular progress meetings with the contractor and appropriate personnel and report

on any issues, as necessary.

• manage and plan project timelines, budgets and staffing.

• create and interpret digital blueprints and structure plans.

• inspect construction project sites for safety and efficiency.

• calculate project costs and create budgets for construction.

• design project proposals and record incidents or errors

• provide guidance to the construction and materials staff.

• collaborate with construction and design professionals.

• study environmental effects of projects and installations

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