Company Name :معامل ان اس ايه

مدير فرع (طبيب) (خبره فى مجال التحاليل) – الابراهيمية – الاسكندرية


تفاصيل الوظيفة

We are looking for an experienced, hard worker with strong Management skills to join our operation team at NSA labs.


Job Description
•      Managing and overseeing branch technical and administrative Personnel (Chemists, Reception, and support staff)

•      Organizing and executing training Programs for laboratory Functions.

•      Managing laboratory inventory and establishing Preventative Maintenance Schedules for the equipment.

•      Overseeing computerized records system.

•      Reviewing and approving repair orders, purchase orders, and utility bills.

•       Adhering to high ethical and professional standers and implementing safe laboratory environment in compliance with good practice and applicable quality regulation.

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